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Is John Cena Vs Undertaker Cancelled For WWE Wrestlemania 34?

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 Is John Cena Vs Undertaker Cancelled For WWE Wrestlemania 34?

WWE Wrestlemania 34 has Already Knocked The Doors as It is 2 days Away, but The Main Event For The Same Still Remains Unconfirmed and Now You Must be Questioning. Damn!! Will I Get See To See The Dream Match between – John Cena Vs Undertaker?

In Nutshell, In Case You Don’t Know John Cena Vs Undertaker is Rumored To take Place at Grandest Event Of All Time at Wrestlemania. But It Was Vague Wheather  it’s happening at Wrestlemania or not as The Cenation Leader Promised The WWE Fans that he Going to Wrestlemania 34 as a Champion but he Lost his Charm Twice at Elimination Chamber and Fastlane and Finally, The Cenation Leader Challenged The Deadman For a Match at Wrestlemania 34 but Unfortunately Cena has Failed Multiple Times To Summon The Undertaker and Now It Still Remains a Doubt Wheather We All are Gonna See Deadman Vs Cena at Wrestlemania or Not?

As Admiral Ackbar said in Star Wars, it’s a trap!

While WWE  and Several Websites have Cleared That Wrestlemania Dream Match has been Cancelled and Cena Will Get his New Way Most Probably by becoming The Tag Team Partner Of Braun Strowman. But, That’s Not Happening!!! Well…It’s Not Yet Cancelled…Yes…This Match is Still In queue as WWE is Still Promoting Undertaker Vs John Cena in Wrestlemania Poster by Quoting” Will Undertaker Accept John Cena Challenge at Wrestlemania?” See Below

Now It May be Hard to See The Small Print on The Poster but PW Insider Posted That a Fan, Ed Sent in a Shot of Official Programme Where There’s Page Designated to The Match.

John Cena Vs Undertaker
Picture Says It All….

So, Now This is Clear That The Match Between The Deadman Vs John Cena is Not Yet Cancelled and Most Probably Cena is Going to Give an Another Try and Summon The Deadman at Wrestlemania 34.

Now You Must be Saying Okay… Fine Squartle Tell Me, Will, This Time Undertaker Accept The Cenation Leader Challenge? and Face him One On One Later…Well… The Answer isssssssss….Damn Yes… This Going To Happen as Per Our Sources This Is Just a McMahon Way To Promote The Match Of this Year…I don’t Think there is Single Chance WWE Will Cancel as We Already Said Earlier that WWE has been Working on this Plan For a Year and I don’t Think WWE Will Cancel This Plan as Making This Match Will be Best For Business.

Now To Know Who is Going to Win Read Here


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