Top 5 Superstars Who Answered Is WWE Scripted or Real?

Is WWE Scripted or Real

Top 5 Superstars Who Answered Is WWE Scripted or Real?: Is WWE Scripted or Real? this is a question that has been in existence for the very long time. There are people who believe WWE is completely fake? Some believe stories are scripted but stunts and moves are damn real and as you know some believe that it’s completely real.

Is WWE Scripted or Real?

 Is WWE Scripted or Real

Is WWE Real or Fake? is a question that will all have asked at least once in our lives. Now, if I ask you is WWE Fake? you, won’t think a second and say hey, squartle it’s damn FAKE!!! but, listen, man, it’s not as simple as you think!!

WWE Brands portrays itself as “sports entertainment” and not as pro wrestling. The reason is to avoid taxes from commisions. WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon admitted that WWE shows are not legitimate contests but purely entertainment based.

That Means WWE is not Real? Yup, It’s true that WWE is damn fake and competitive matches and fight between two superstars are not real, and outcomes to are predetermined. but the Wrestlers are professionals and do require a host athleticism to perform stunts and are always prone to injuries.

Okay… so now to understand this topic more clearly and get our answer let’s check out what WWE athletes told when they were asked Is WWE Scripted or Real?

 Is WWE Scripted or Real

Top 5 Superstars Who Answered Is WWE Scripted or Real?

#1 The Great Khali

 Is WWE Scripted or Real

Great Khali in an Interview with India TV Rajat Sharma. Dilip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali Was asked Is WWE Fake? on which Khali Said wrestling is real, all the injuries out there is real, so much as so that not in other sports, whether soccer, cricket, or hockey, players get so many injuries in WWE.

The 7′ 3″ inch hulk later added “Had the WWE fights were pre-scripted and artificial, then there would have no need for Wrestlers like The Undertaker and Great Khali. The fact is you cannot fool, thousands of crammed into Stadium and sitting four to five feet away from the ring”.

Khali was also asked about fake blood in WWE when the anchor Rajat Sharma showed him a capsule which if dipped into water turns blood red, Khali smile and replied “Such things do happen happens in Movies but not in WWE”  the blood out there is real How can you fool thousands of people sitting and watching each of your action”.

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