Top 5 Superstars Who Answered Is WWE Scripted or Real?


#5 CM Punk

 Is WWE Scripted or Real


I Know you were waiting for this man to come in the list. Here he is… C.M Punk is one the superstar who has openly said dozens of times that WWE is damn Fake…Cm Punk in a talk with Sports Illustrated revealed WWE is fake and is filled with backstage politics.

Punk also said he had also to be very cautious while fighting so that he doesn’t injure his competitor. Punk Said You wonder,  did you punch me in the face? it was an accident but I know you and I think you’re a p—and I see you do this to other people. Did you kick in ribs as hard as you can? No. no I would never do that. In MMA in Know other guy is trying to kick me as hard as he can. No, not maliciously. But I’ve been in the ring with plenty of guys where I’m wondering, Is he is trying hurt me? Is he mad as he is losing? I don’t have to deal with that bulls— any more. It’s a godsend.

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