Randy Orton vows he will get vengeance on Jinder Mahal: SmackDown LIVE, June 20, 2017


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Randy Orton after a title loss against Jinder Mahal had an interview with Tom Philips in this Interview Randy Orton said that He is gonna destroy Mahal family


Randy Orton  admitted that he let his eyes come off the ball when Jinder Mahal’s cronies Singh Brothers attacked his father.  He said that I had been in with legacy and evolution Already i know very how to play with Numbers Game and if Jinder’s strategy had been to make it personal, he had succeeded before warning Jinder that he would hurt him badly.

Randy even threatened to travel to India to disrespect Jinder’s family in the same way Jinder has disrespected his and destroy his family as the interview ended.

watch the complete video below

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