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Aj Styles May have Lost his Match Against the Beast but he has managed to Impress the beast advocate Paul Heyman…

Paul Heyman After The Match Praise Aj Styles In an Interview and Even Compared him with a Slew Of Legendary Superstars, Paul Heyman Said

I Am Shocked, I am The Aj Styles Fan I have Watched Aj Styles before Anyone here is Supposed To Watch Aj Styles, He is More Phenomenal then he gives himself Credit For if You are not an Aj Styles Fan you Shouldn’t be Watching WWE.

He has Everything that Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair were to their generations and he has Updated it, He has Evolved their Style to Truly being The Single Most Phenomenal In-ring Performer I have Ever had an Honor of Watching So Close No one has Come So Close as Much as Aj Styles and I Truly Respect Him.


What’s Next For Aj Styles?

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Well, Truly Great Words by Paul Heyman However, the Next PPV For WWE Smackdown Live is Clash Of Champion and This is Time When Aj Styles Will Defend his Title Against The Morden Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal in a Rematch From Smackdown Live.


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