WWE News:Jinder Mahal Challenges John Cena For WWE Championship at Wrestlemania34


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Jinder Mahal Challenges John Cena For WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

Jinder Mahal previously faced John Cena in a Smackdown Main Event

Will Cenation Leader Accept Morden Day Maharaja Challenge?

WWE Champ Jinder Mahal Recently Issued a Wrestlemania 34 Challenge To John Cena.. because “The Modern Day Maharaja” guarantees he’ll still be holding gold.

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Jinder Mahal Recently Took Part in a Q&A on the @WWEIndia account and Told WWE Fans To Ask Any questions and he Will Try To Answer As Many As He Can.


Jinder Mahal Was Asked Many Weird Questions Even One Guy Asked Him When Are Going To Drop That Belt It’s Getting Stupid But Things Got Interesting When Jinder Mahal Was Asked About his Wrestlemania 34 Opponent?and Jinder Mahal Replied He Would Love To Face John Cena and Also WWE Champ Issued an Open Challenge To Cenation Leader For WWE Championship Match At Wrestlemania 34.


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