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(Latest) Top 5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34

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It is now just two months until WWE is back on the Road To WrestleMania.The Royal Rumble is the beginning of the longest journey of the year, which will take place in New Orleans on April 8th, 2018 and that Means WWE Wrestlemania is just Four Months Away.Therefore, In This Article, We Will Discuss  Top 5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34

The Undertaker Was Rumored To Retired From WWE Since his Lost against The Big Dog at Wrestlemania 33. However, In a Recent Podcast Of “Dinner With The King” Jerry  Lawler where he discussed seeing one WWE legend backstage during WWE’s Big Four PPV event Survivor Series and he said The Undertaker looked good.

Lawler also mentioned that “He doesn’t think the 33rd of Wrestlemania was the last time we’ve seen The Dead Man in the ring.

Although Jerry Lawler once thought The Undertaker was retiring, he is now going back on his initial opinion when he said, “I think there are some more matches left in the Undertaker.”

So, Which Means That The Deadman is Returning To Wrestlemania 34 and WWE May Give One Of The Grandest Match Of All Time, So Let’s Explore Who Can be the Top 5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34


 Top 5 Possible Opponents For The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34

1.John Cena

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It Looks WWE has Finally Considered This Match For Wrestlemania 34.It has Always been Rumored Since Wrestlemania 30 that We Will See a Dream Match Between The Deadman and The Cenation Leader at Grandest Event Of All Time that is Wrestlemania but Unfortunately this Match Still Remains a Dream Match, But this Year It Looks Like WWE has Finally Changed The Match Card From Jinder Mahal and Cena To The Deadman and John Cena.

In Case You Don’t Know: Jinder Mahal Challenged John Cena For Wrestlemania 34

At No Mercy, WWE Knew Booking a Match Between Cena and Reigns Will Boom Their Ratings So, They Did Exactly that WWE Also Know this fact Booking a Match Between Cena and The Deadman Will Blast Their Rating So, Yes We Could See this a High Demand Match At Wrestlemania 34.

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