5 Ways How WWE Destroyed the Career of (Celtic Warrior) Sheamus

About Sheamus:

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Sheamus made his big WWE debut back in 2009. Ever since, Sheamus has been in and out of the main event scene and has won numerous awards.

He was ranked 5th in the top 500 Wrestlers list of PWI back in 2012 and he was only outclassed by Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Bobby Roode and Edge.

He was awarded by the Wrestling Observer as well in 2010 when they named him the most improved wrestler. Sheamus has four Slammys to his name in categories.

Sheamus name is lost now as one of great Wrestler Where He should be Fighting against Brock Lesnar for WWE Universal Championship is now struggling for Tag Team Title.

Sheamus Has not Even Main Evented in Any PPV After WWE TLC.

So What are Reasons His Career has been Destroyed?

Why Such a great Athelete is Struggling?

We Will Discuss This all in depth in this Story.

5 Ways How WWE destroyed the Career Of Sheamus:

1 . Stupid Hair Style ¬†-This is one of the Main Reason why WWE Universe Don’t Like Him Now Because of His Stupid Hair Style and How WWE Gave Him Stupid Character.

In 2012, When Sheamus Return Back to WWE With A Really Weird Hairstyle And He Got a Chant of

You look Stupid!! You Look Stupid !!

But Not only his Looks got Weird but His Career Also Got Weird He Started loosing however he won WWE Championship once But he Lost it within 4 Months against Roman.

2.Loosing Career – Sheamus Start Loosing day by day but his Loosing Starts in 2012 When He Lost against Santino Marella continously Then against John Morrison and Much More. After that Sheamus Couldn’t Recover as WWE champ he was and WWE Made his Career Like Hell.

3. Loosing His Title Very Early– In 2015 WWE Universe was Shocked When Celtic Warrior Cashed In MITB and we thought his Career ia back on track But Alas WWE Script Didn’t Work and Sheamus Lost His WWE title After Following Night of TLC in Monday Night Raw Against Roman Reigns.After which didn’t any chance to Become Champion and Made him a B+ Player.

4. Not Giving Title Opportunities РWell Even If He Has Became B+ player But he even then has not Been Awarded Any Title Oppurtunity Like US Title and Intercontinental Championship Because of which WWE Universe dont Care About him  anymore.

5. Undertaker- This Can be One Of the Reason Why he is no more a Great Superstar in Back 2013 When There Was Fatal Four Way Match Between Randy , Cm punk , Sheamus , Big Show To Determine Who Will Face The Undertaker.But Sheamus Lost , As Superstar Who ever get chancto Face Undertaker in WM has got good Name WWE History.But Sheamus Never Got a Chance to Face The DeadMan.

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