WWE News: Aj Styles Comments On Who is Going To be his Next Opponent?

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What’s The Story?

WWE Clash Of Champion Was a Grand pay-per-view for WWE’s SmackDown LIVE brand, however, We Didn’t Get To See any Major Twist and No Shocking Return.

Well, Now It’s Time To Prepare For Road To Wrestlemania Yes…So Royal Rumble is a Few Days Away and We Could Get To See Some Jaw-Dropping Moments, Shocking Returns and Much More…Well In This Article We Will Be Talking About The Phenomenal AJ Styles because It Seems Like Aj Styles Will Now Get a New Opponent as Aj Styles has Already Said during an Interview after Clash of Champions Went Off Air That My Story With Jinder Mahal is Over.

Aj Styles Comments On Who is Going To be his Next Opponent?

Given Below are Exact Words Said by Aj Styles:

Question: Are You Done With Jinder, I Mean Is It Settled?

Aj Styles: He had his Opportunity, He had his Rematch That’s It…I Think We are Done,, He better Go and Chase Some Other Championship, He is Not Getting This One.

Renee: So, Who’s Gonna be the Next Guy Who’s Knocking on The Door?

Aj Styles: You Tell Me …Who’s Knocking On My Door…

Renee: I Guess We Have To Wait and Find Out.

Aj Styles: I Mean We All Have To, I Don’t Know What’s Gonna Happen Next…I am Ready For The Next Opponent.

Author Take:

Well, Most Probably This Week On Smackdown Live We Will Get To Know What’s Next For Phenomenal Aj Styles? So, Till Then Stay Tuned and Watch Smackdown Live This Tuesday…

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