WWE NEWS:Braun Strowman Health Update

Braun Strowman Health Update

Braun Strowman Was absent From Last Monday Night RAW.WWE Universe Assumed May be Braun Strowman Is Injured Due to betrayal Attack by his Team mates at WWE TLC.Even Micheal Cole During his Commentary Noted That Braun Strowman Could be Out of Action For Several Weeks or Months.

But As Per The Reports of WrestlingInc, Braun Strowman Is Not Injured and he Didn’t  Return Last Raw Just To Sell The Attack From Kane and his Team Mates at TLC and Most Probably he Will Return Next Monday Night Raw To Setup the Planned Match Between Braun Strowman Vs Kane at Survivor Series.

Below Given are The Exact said by Wrestlinginc:

No word yet on when Braun Strowman will be back on RAW but he did not appear this week to sell the attack from Kane at WWE TLC. Michael Cole noted on commentary that The Monster Among Men could be out of action for several weeks or months but it’s likely that he returns next Monday night to set up the planned Braun vs. Kane match at WWE Survivor Series on November 19th.

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