Everything You Need to Know about Leukaemia

Everything You Need to Know about Leukaemia: If you are a WWE Fan. The only thing you must be searching right now is Leukaemia.

Don’t worry in this article I will share everything in detail even though you may not have ever heard about it  before I’ll try to explain in pretty simple and easy manner.

so, let’s begin with understanding what actually is Leukaemia?

Leukaemia is basically a type of Cancer of White Blood Cells and Bone Marrow.

When a person is diagnosed with Leukaemia his/her body starts making too many white blood cells (leukocytes).

There are several types of Leukaemia which are divided according to the time like acute(fast-growing) or chronic(slow growing).

Types of Leukaemia

Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) is the most common type of Leukaemia. It is most common in young children but can also be seen in old people.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) is slow growing  Leukaemia and is most common in people aged over 55.

Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia (AML) is seen more commonly in adults than in children.

Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML) happens mostly in adults.

By now you must have understood what is Leukaemia and it’s type now it’s time to understand the causes and Treatment.

The Causes of the most common types of Leukaemia is still unknown. however, It is believed to develop from the combination of genetic and environmental factors.

According to Experts, there are certain factors that can influence whether a person develops Leukaemia are:

  • Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
  • Certain Virus-like HIV 
  • Exposure to chemicals like Benzene.
  • Certain Genetic and Enviromental factors.
  • Treatment with certain drugs that influence how the cell develops eg: Treatment with Tumor.

Now, Talking its Treatment it is commonly treated with the number of drugs, which are usually combined with chemotherapy program.

In some cases, radiation therapies or bone marrow transplant is also done.

Roman Reigns Diagnosed with Leukaemia 

I Hope you must have understood what is Leukaemia, What are its types, it’s Causes and it’s treatment.

Now, it’s time to talk about the one of greatest superstar WWE Roman Reigns who announced a very shocking statement that he is suffering for leukaemia.

The 33-year-old superstar, Roman Reigns said he was originally diagnosed with leukaemia at age of 22 and he has been fighting the disease since.

Given Below are the Exact words of Roman Reigns

“That’s all lies and it’s a lie because the reality is my name is Joe and I’ve been living with leukaemia for 11 years and unfortunately it’s back,” Anoa’i said. “Because the leukaemia is back, I can’t fulfil my role. I can’t be that fighting champion and I’m going to have to relinquish the universal championship. I’m not going to lie, I’ll take every prayer you can send my way but I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m not looking for you to feel bad for me because I have faith.”

Now, talking about what type of Leukaemia he is suffering from is most probably Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) since he is fighting the leukaemia for 11 years and could have been slow growing.

I don’t know when he will return to the action it will take time most probably a year or more we have to wait for a little to get a clear picture about his Health.

But, I really pray to god that he gets well as soon as possible and is back in action. Till then thank you for your time and have a great day ahead.


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