Do you wanna look handosme ? Your blue print to look Handsome Instantly (Guaranteed Results)

Hey everyone  ,

It’s Everyone desire to look Handsome in party and when anyone see you and they say wow!!!! you are so handsome because not only girl well Boys also love compliments . Unlike Girls Boys dont have that previlage to use to make and all but ya i tell simple tricks which will make look handsome instantly.

But please note this secrets will help you ya you will look better than before but thats not a permenant solution i will write an other blog if you demand for permanent solutions and that is also very effective temporary solutions will help you in party and regular use.

okay now not wasting anymore of your time let’s get started

  1.  Use a good face Wash :- I dont know about you all guys but i use a good facewash because facewash helps to remove all dirt and some facewash also helps in tan removal .Okay let me tell you what i use Am not doing any branding but I am  just telling what I use.See Below And that’s a product from Himalaya it is preety Good Facewash it does a preety good job of cleasing and ya you can Buy it and please don’t change your Facewash often or use any random facewash  one and stick to it for lifetime.

2.  Shave – Am not gonna say say much about it but yes use a good shaving cream and brush too. And you can any good Razor.Because brush helps you get more proper shave I personally Use Denim shaving cream I have also used once Park Avenue its also preety good and park Avenue brush are the best according to me well i suggest you to get

Park avenue grooming kit it’s more affordable for me.

Note:- Good shaving Cream are essiential because it helps you to give freshness and brush properly Lathers your skin if you want beard skip this step.

3. Scrub – Use any good scrub it helps to remove Dead Cells from your face but it also brings Pimples if not scrubed properly. So I had found a preety good Scrub given below which Helps to remove every problem from your face even pimples but Remember use Scrub twice a week not more then that or use any good massage cream i don’t use massage cream but scrub or massage cream must be used after Shave as it helps to bring more glow .

4. Ice – You may wonder Why Ice ?? Ans to question

Ice helps to remove Suntan very effectively use it as 4th step and trust me you wil feel really good and cheecks will feel soft soft . You can use ice Daily But don’t use this in winter else you will get cold problems.

Related image

5. Moisturizer – Hmmm , so this the final step of your blue print use a good day cream after cleaning your face with Ice and use towel to wipe out and let it pat dry

and use a good Day Cream and masage it properly best will be to checkout any video from youtube and massage I use Olay it is great cream i have used till now 5 tubes its great you can buy it from below.

Hope you like it Please msg me if you have to ask anything and please subscribe us form given below else just go to subscribe page it will motivate us to serve you better.

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