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How to Stay Healthy Without Going To GYM and Working Hard?

Habit play a very important role in our life In fact Your Habits of today will Determine your tomorrow failure and Success Your good Habits will make you  financially successful  and Happy and vice versa.

We are what we repeatedly do Excellence then , is not an act ,but Habit.



  • Cycle of Habits

As we know how habits plays a great Role in our life. As we start something New Our mind is conscious and all our decisions are taken by conscious mind say When ABC start to learn riding a bike then His decisions are taken by his conscious mind and he has to take care of  clutch, break etc. But after a continous practice  ABC  becomes an expert in riding and riding a bike becomes like cup of coffee for him.

Have you ever thought how this happen why riding a bike becomes so easy answer is because it get’s stored in our brain as cycle and as our Brain wants to save energy or say removes grey matter from your brain for other Important works but the sad part is brain don’t know the difference between Bad habits and Good habit it just removes the grey matter from your brain and saves your energy.


  • The Habit Loop

This is one of Interesting process that you may not know about how a Habit is formed? As I told you about Brain and how Brain saves our energy and in this is topic am going to showing to show you how your brain helps you to form habit

Our habit is process of these three steps


  1. Trigger – Trigger is the one which Excites you or sends signal to your mind to do something. Say ABC has a habit of going a certain shop and lighting a cigratte with his special friend so that special friend becomes his Trigger.


  1. Cycle – Doing  something Daily occurs in cycle and becomes his habit .

Eg. ABC goes to light cigratte daily with his special Friend                  and this goes in cycle and becomes his habit.

  3.Reward– The enjoyment and taste someone gets from the daily routine. say ABC After the puff of cigratte gets a nicotine dose the taste becomes the Reward for ABC.

Ya , so that’s how the cycle of habit works.


  • Habit loop in Physical exercise

As you have understand the concept of habit loop it’s now to connect it to physical exercise Suppose ABC has habit of checking Facebook and he spends his whole 1 hour in that.

Can you tell me now what is his Trigger  , cycle , Reward ?

Try yourself first ,

Ans – Trigger – Every morning when ever he gets up.

Cycle-Checking Facebook daily

Reward – Maybe likes and be whats going in his friends life.

                 Myths Regarding Physical Exercise

Physical Fitness for people has been a myth as they think they have to work extremely hard then something is going to happen

Say , ABC  Works in a office and he lives in XYZ which is in 5th Floor and he has two options Lift and stairs but he choose lift Of course most of us would have done the same thing why ? Because we think why  to work so hard we all know that going from stairs is benificial for Health  but why should I work so hard by going through stairs it is not going to happen that I get body like Dwayne Johnson if i have to make my body perfect I have to go gym First work hard and sweat a lot plan a Nutrition diet then something will happen to my body. And because of this mentality You getting fat and more fat. I also know that just by going through stairs You will not get six packs but if choose a option of stairs instead of lift your leg muscles will become so strong one day that you can even clim a mountain but we don’t care to do that I have even seen people whose flat is in 1st floor but they use lift strange.

By doing this daily simple exercises like going through stairs , walking in road daily will automatically make you fit and  even many experts say our 80% fitness is dependent on our daily physical works .That’s why people in ancient times where so fit they used to play cricket , Football and many Outdoor games and also their life span was long but now a days kids are not even encouraged to play outdoor games they even if play cricket play on mobile and laptops which is not at all good for health.


Image result for start playing outdoor

If you really get fit without Going Gym and without working hard start these:-

1.Start Playing Cricket and foolball or any outdoor game don’t play cricket in laptop and tabs they are of no use.

2. Have daily walk after eating meals,Never Sit after eating breakfast, lunch , Dinner have some walk.

3. Drink good amount of water.

4. Use stairs instead of Lift.

Image result for use stairs

5.Dont use Cellphones more then 5 hours a day it makes you lazy.

6. It’s Time to connet with nature.

7.Do you Yoga if you can 5-10 min .

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to form given below.

8.Drink Green Tea or Black Cofee, it HELPS  to burn fat easily by daily usage.

9.Commute by walking or biking, instead of driving in a car.

10. Start a habit to relax, sit back and breathe deep into your diaphragm (chest). Inhale for 1 to 2 seconds and exhale for 2 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes at work, in the car, on the couch, while you are making dinner or before bed.

11. Start Eating Fruits -If you eat fast food or junk food regularly, it is unlikely that you can stay fit without exercise. These “empty calories” require a lot more activity to burn off, without providing nutritional content to help your immune system or build strong muscles.

I never went to any Gym i walk , play and enjoy And i am completely fit.If I can do you can also do hope you will follow this simple steps and stay healthy.And yes you can contact us by going to our contact us page

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