Huge Updates On Undertaker Return

What’s The Story?

According to Wrestling Observer Radio,The Undertaker returning for one last match and feels that it is highly unlikely.

In Case You Don’t Know.

WWE Universe Presumed That The Undertaker Retired When he Lost his WM 33 Match against The Big Dog Roman Reigns

It is believed that the reason behind his retirement is due to the fact that he required a number of surgeries.

What’s Next?

Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer Radio host ) addressed a question regarding the possibility of The Undertaker returning for one last match.

Meltzer’s exact words were, “It’s possible. The only reason to bring him back would be against Roman, and I don’t see that at WrestleMania at all. Maybe the next year at WrestleMania, but probably not.

There’s a reason he retired. He needed a lot of surgeries, his body was really beaten up, it was time to go.

“He decided it was time to go before that, but he came back. Put it this way, it’s wrestling, and people can come out of retirement at any time, but do the mentions make me think he’s coming out of retirement imminently? No.”

The Undertaker seems set to remain in retirement for Now and his Return to WWE Unlikely to happen Now or at WWE Wrestlemania to Square off Against Big dog.

Author Take

The Undertaker is one of the most beloved characters in the history of professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Despite WWE Universe Must be Dying To see His Return But Safety and Health is Much More Important.




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