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WWE News: John Cena Addresses his Wrestlemania 34 Shocking Loss and Slams Locker room’s Complacency

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2017-2018 has been Weirdest year for the Cenation Leader John Cena. It all Started with becoming the 16 time WWE Champ at Royal Rumble and then losing his precious Title against Bray Wyatt at Elimination Chamber then progressing a brawl against The Miz, Rusev and Baron Corbin and then losing in 6 Consecutive PPVs including in Dream Matches like Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker in 3 min.

John Cena Addresses his Wrestlemania 34 Shocking Loss and Slams Locker room’s Complacency

John Cena Addresses his Wrestlemania 34 Shocking Loss and Slams Locker room's Complacency

WWE Wrestlemania 34 was a Huge Shock for WWE Fans when their Hero John Cena lost against the Deadman in a non – competitive match under 3 min.

WWE Fans didn’t like the way the 16 time WWE Champ was treated but the ex-champion insists that the Whole point of the feud was to reintroduce a WWE icon.

The Cenation leader also Stated that this Should be an example to the rest of locker Room as he has noticed plenty of disdain and complacency among the younger Talents.

Recently he Spoke to Sports Illustrated and Said “I didn’t do well in this match. My ‘Wrestlemania moment’  was to Spend time in the Crowd and do well in Short performance, But I loved it because it got the Job the done.

“The focus was not me, The focus was someone else. Often Times We look at  Things, asking, What’s in it for me? Well, What was in it for me was the Chance to Reintroduce a WWE icon.

John Cena Said he pushed the Management to allow him to Sit in the Crowd for longer than 10 minutes. The WWE Champ wanted to be Fully Committed. That’s why he Spent 5 long hours in the crowd Chatting it up and Snapping Selfies with Fans.

I had to Stretch the Suspension of disbelief to its breaking point to do it, but it was awesome. Every Single Week, The Crowd would chant at the top of its lungs and no one I thought I would be Sitting in the crowd at Wrestlemania, But I was able to do that.

” I was able to go out and Handily defeated in three minutes and Bring Back The Icon.

“That is my message to any performer who is complaining about their Spot or that, Creatively, they have nothing going for them.

“I’ve been First, I’ve been middle, I’ve been last. I just want to go out there and do Something.

“There are Few performers who share my ideology, With Miz one of them.

“That’s why he is Skyrocketing into a new bracket as we speak, and I Can’t wait to See what he does next week.

“But are also a lot of disdain and Complacency. You Should be Happy with any sort of role, even if it getting your tail kicked in”.


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