WWE News: John Cena confirms he’s done with WWE full time


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What’s The Story?

The Cenation Leader John Cena may have Return Once For Survivor Series but It Seems Like Now Cena is Done With WWE and Wants To Focus On his film career with animated film Ferdinand set to be released imminently

During a Recent Interview With Wrestletalk, The Cenation Leader Confirmed that he is done with a full-time schedule in the WWE.

In Case You Don’t Know

In Past Two Year John Cena has Significantly Reduced his Appearance in WWE and is acting Now as Free Agent Where Cena is Allowed To Compete In Both Raw and Smackdown as he pleases. The 16 Times WWE Champ Recently Returned in WWE To Compete against The Big Dog at No Mercy Which he Lost. Following The Loss, Jerry Lawler Asked  Cena If he’s retiring?

Cena Said His Role in WWE Is Now Different Regardless Of  Outside Opportunities, He is 40 Years Old Now and had an Elite 15 Years In WWE Cena says he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep it up but he needs to know when to say when.

Cena Said he is Not Done but he’s not sure if he can keep going at the pace he has been going at, and that’s a major thing he needs to consider.

John Cena confirms he’s done with WWE full time

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Cena Recently Completed his Press Rounds for the movie Ferdinand, in which he provides the voice for the lead character, However, During a Recent Interview With Wrestletalk Cena Explained That he’s decided to focus on his film career, he has had to make a choice between appearing on the WWE or acting in films, mainly because it’s hard to do both at the same time.

Later Cena added he’s starting to feel the strain of the more physically demanding aspects of professional wrestling and doesn’t feel that he can keep up with a full-time WWE schedule.

Given Below are The Exact Words Said by John Cena

“To change everybody’s mind, you’ve got to do one or the other. Here is the absolute fact, when you sign up to do a movie insurance doesn’t let you wrestle. The movie only shoots for so long and then you’ve got to plan to do stuff like this, you have to promote an event. That’s like having Wrestlemania and not letting everybody know where to get a ticket, nobody would show up, so you do have to make time to promote.”

“I don’t ever want to rob the consumer and phone in a performance and I don’t feel at my age that I can do a full WWE schedule, but I know that I can still contribute and I will contribute in any way shape or form, even if it’s being a surprise entry into a Survivor Series team, I will be happy to be on the team because I love WWE, so my role in the future will change. It will certainly be up to, one, what I’m available for and, two, creatively what they’re asking me to do, but I’m ready for it all.”

Author Take

Cena is One Of Babyface For The WWE but due To Time WWE Legends are not able to their Give Full Time To Professional Wrestling Where They Started, However, The Cenation Leader is Rumored To Battle Against Deadman Next at Wrestlemania 34 and is also Rumored To Return For New Year and Christmas Shows.






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