John Cena Says ‘I Want to Be the Father Of Her Children’

WWE Heart Broken Superstar John Cena Recently had an Interview with Kady Lee and Hoda on Todays Show. Where he Broke Silence on his Split with Nikki Bella and Said “I Still Love her, and I Would Love to Marry Her.

John Cena Says his life’s been Wrek Since her Ex- Nikki Bella dumped him before Wedding and he will do anything he can to get her Back-including having Kids.

Cena Says “I had my Heart Broken Outta Nowhere- Well For Me It Was Outta Nowhere”.

Cena Says ” he Was Blindsided by the Breakup- and Blames on an “Unfortunate Set of Circumstances”. There has been of Speculations recently about being Seen in public, and everyone’s been like “Oh Cena! Enjoying the Single Life”. No, I Supposed to be married and have Honeymoon For over Two Weeks but am alone in House depressed, Surrounded by these Strong Memories.

Later Cena Added ” I Love her, I Want to Marry her, I Want to be the Father of her Children. I Just want to work”.

Cena has Pretty Vocal about the Fact he didn’t want Kids – but Says he is Changed Man Now.

As Per Tmz, 

The good news for Cena … the WWE star says he’s still talking to Nikki … so, maybe some hope?



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