Kevin Owens Sends a Message For Jinder Mahal and Indian Fans

Last Night, WWE uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel in which Smackdown Live superstar Kevin Owens sent a message to current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and to all the fans in India.

In This Video, Kevin Owens Stated that he Really Excited to Visit India and Face The Morden Day Maharaja For  WWE Title.Kevin Owens Continued he barely likes to travel around the world and perform on overseas soil, but in this case he cannot wait to visit India as he looks forward to capturing the WWE Championship by beating Jinder Mahal.Owens then added by saying that Indian fans have been constantly calling him “a dog” on Twitter. He said that there is nothing to be ashamed of being compared to a dog as he thinks that dogs are loyal, they are man’s best friend, but most importantly, that when a dog is pushed into a corner they can become the most dangerous animals on the planet.



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