WWE News: Kurt Angle Announced as WWE RAW Captain for Survivor Series with his job on the line

Kurt Angle Announced as WWE RAW Captain

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WWE Raw Gm Kurt Angle has been Announced as WWE RAW Captain to Square Off Against WWE Smackdown Roster For Survivor Series 2k17.

Kurt Angle kicked off Monday Night Raw addressing the fans and the Raw roster About the attack by the SmackDown previous week and promised that the SmackDown superstars and Shane McMahon wouldn’t get away with this.

Kurt Was interrupted by The (Boss)  Commissioner of WWE Monday Night Raw  Stephanie McMahon She Appreciated Kurt Angle For Match at TLC and claimed to have respect for Kurt but that it was all ruined in one moment of incompetence and Later Continued That Kurt has Only Chance to redeem himself in her eyes:He’s to be captain the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team and has To Win That Match Else Like Mick Foley Kurt Will Out Of his Job and Stephanie has to Find a New Gm.

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