Look 5 Years Younger With This Natural Fruit Face Pack

Everyone desires for the healthy and beautiful skin. And also want to look younger forever. Unfortunately, with growing age, the symptoms of ageing start appearing on the face such as wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, these symptoms also start appearing before the age. The main cause of premature ageing symptoms is not consuming healthy food, careless attitude towards skin care and many more. If you want to make your skin 5 years younger then there is fruit face pack. These face packs provide adequate nutrients to the skin. Regular applying these face pack brings glow on the skin. Moreover, these fruit face packs also keep skin related problems at bay.

What your skin needs is some natural ingredients to retain its youthful glow. Below is a recipe for an anti-ageing mask made from natural ingredients.

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Natural Fruit Pack


  • 4 teaspoon avocado paste
  • 4 teaspoon papaya paste
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil
  • 1 dash ylang ylang essential oil

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Way to apply the face pack

Apply the mixture on your face and neck. Now massage gently and leave for 10 minutes. Now wash the face with cold water and pat dry. After this apply moisturizer on the skin. For better results use this face pack regularly.


  • Apply the mixture on your neck and face
  • Massage gently.
  • Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry.
  • Apply moisturizer on your face.

Use this everyday to ensure a younger and glowing skin.

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 How the face pack works

  • Almond oil work as the natural moisturizer and prevent dryness.
  • Avocado is the rich source of vitamin E, which keeps the skin healthy and maintain complexion. Moreover, the avocado also prevents ageing symptoms and prevent sun damage.
  • Papya is beneficence to reduce the problem of acne and nourishes the skin due to the presence of vitamin A. Moreover, it also prevents fine lines, wrinkles and other sign of ageing.
  • The essential oil regenerative the skin cells and improve skin elasticity.

If you the ageing symptoms are making your link wired then you must be aware of this fruit face pack.

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