Maryse may not really be pregnant

One of the most entertaining angles from this week’s episode of RAW had The Miz and Maryse breaking character to announce that they would be proud parents soon, and getting a babyface reaction from the crowd. Enzo Amore interrupted the segment, and it soon transformed into a shoot promo.

Alvarez questioned the authenticity of the angle because of the following reason:

So, here’s the thing. So, I go on Instagram here. There’s nothing about Maryse announcing a child. You’d think that she’d announce that on her Instagram.

Meltzer did not know whether it was just an angle or a shoot and added that because she announced her pregnancy on television, she may not need to do the same on Instagram.

The promo entered ‘shoot’ space immediately afterwards, where The Miz explained why Enzo’s backstage behaviour had relegated him to the Cruiserweight Division, where almost every performer was far more talented than he was. However, was the basic premise of the segment itself a work?

Alvarez then alluded to the fact that comparisons were being made between The Miz and Maryse’s unborn child and Kurt Angle’s kayfabe son, Jason Jordan during the course of the promo. This further supported his belief that it was all a gigantic work.

Source : Sportskeeda

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