Roman Reigns on why he’s not involved in Shield reunion angle

Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN Sportscenter this morning to promote tonight’s RAW at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. He discussed about Last Night Summerslam and admitted being beat up after last night’s wild Fatal 4-Way at Summerslam, saying that he felt like he had been in a car wreck.

Roman Reigns was Also Been asked about  quasi-Shield reunion storyline that’s taken place this summer with Weth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.Despite being on Same Brand Roman have been Nowhere between Dean and Seth Preventing Sheild Reunion.

If You Don’t Know, Seth and Dean slowly but surely gotten back on the same team and that lead to WWE Raw Tag Team Match against Sheamus and Cesaro which they Won.


As per the  Report of WrestlingInc, Reigns’ full quote regarding his absence from the reunion was as follows:

“The main thing for me right now, I’ve been in that Universal title picture. You can ask Seth or Dean, if they were able to be in that same situation, that’s what you go for. You want to have that top title, and that’s definitely it.”

“I’m super proud of those guys, they exemplified what makes the Shield so special [at SummerSlam]. The teamwork and just that brotherhood of just going out there and getting it done – not for yourself, but for the man next to you. It really showed why when we came in, why we were so special.”


Source: Wrestling Inc

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