Roman Reigns Rumored to take on this WWE Legend at Wrestlemania 35

Roman Reigns Rumored to take on this WWE Legend at Wrestlemania 35: Hello Guys… What’s going on? Subham here and in this article am  I going to talk about Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Opponent, mmm basically this is just rumours so don’t take this for granted.

Okay, In my last article as I already you that The new Universal Champion Roman Reigns won’t be dropping the Title anytime soon and there is no doubt he will be walking at WrestleMania as Universal Champion.

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Also, if this happens The Big Dog becomes the first Superstar to main event Wrestlemania for the fourth Time.

Now, the question arises who is going to take on the Big Dog at Wrestlemania 35?

Roman VS The Rock

Well, the Rumors are quite Shocking and  says it could be The Peoples Champ The Rock,

Yes, you read Right The Rock.

According to Joe Peisich of Barnburner’s podcast (Ringside News), says WWE is reportedly Close to securing a Blockbuster main event for Wrestlemania 35 between The Rock and Roman Reigns.

He added ” The Rock, they are Negotiating possibly being at Royal Rumble and being at Wrestlemania and from what I hear The main event for Wrestlemania is confirmed if they get the Rock.

The Wrestlemania 35, are all scheduled to Take place on 13th April 2019, New Jersey and Roman Reigns is expected to have a lengthy Title Run, so, it’s quite possible that Roman Reigns vs The Rock will take place with Universal Championship on the line.

As per Forbes, WWE is also planning a Special appearance of The Rock on Smackdown 1000th episode next month and are very close in doing so.

The Rock in a recent interview also said he”can’t wait” to be in a WWE Ring again and he reportedly want’s to work a match at Wrestlemania 35.

There has been long speculation that if The Rock returns to WWE his possible opponent would The Beast or The Big Dog now, the Beast is gone and now eyes are on the Big Dog.

So, What are your Thoughts?

Will This Match Take Place? are you Excited please do Comment your thoughts Below…!!!


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  • September 4, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    If the match happens it will be brother vs brother at wm35 and it be one of the most awaited and exciting match


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