Seth Rollins receives stitches after soaring onto Bray Wyatt: Raw Fallout, June 19, 2017

Seth Rollins came and announced that he was on the cover of WWE 2k18 and proceeded to tell the fans that after he’d ‘bought in’, they gave him a second chance and accepted him for which he thanked the fans before announcing that it wasn’t ‘his’ cover, but theirs.As Seth proceeded to make a promise to the fans, Bray Wyatt appeared on the titantron. Wyatt warned Rollins that he was still conforming, this time to what the fans wanted him to be. The two went back and forth in a verbal battle as Rollins called Wyatt that Bray was only a god in his own mind while in Seth’s world, he was a coward.titantron.Bray then announced that it was time to make a sacrifice and disappeared from the screen and his music hit. As soon as Wyatt made his way to the ring, Rollins hit him with a crossbody from the top rope and wiped Wyatt out.

After that incident Seth Rollins was bleeding we all noticed as WWE Went off Air WWE uploaded a video regarding Seth Rollins Injury Officially on their site please click CLICK HERE button below to watch the complete RAW fall out video.



However Accortding to the sources Seth Rollins is completely fine and can continue next week .


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