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WWE News: Triple H Joins The Forces of Sheild

Triple H Joins The Forces of Sheild

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After Raw Gm Kurt Angle who has Already Joined The Sheild Brothers at TLC It’s Now Time an Another Legend Joined The hands Of The Shield Brothers During a Live Event event in Glasgow, Scotland.

WWE Officially Shared Some Pictures Of Live Event Given Below:


The one and only, @tripleh, competes at #WWEGlasgow.

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sHHHield. #WWEGlasgow

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The Pictures of The Assasin Also Surfaced On Social Media:


Well, It Must Be Noted That Triple H Joined The Forces of Sheild Just For Glasgow Event, Only since Roman Reigns is still out of action while recovering from a viral infection. Triple H also wrestled during a live event in Chile when Kevin Owens was unable to wrestle for personal reasons.

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