(Updated) 6 Superstar Who Could Become Next Universal Champion in 2018.

Well Well Well!!! A Fresh New Year has Just begun and WWE Gotta To be More Awesome and We Could See Some More Jaw-Dropping PPVs and Many More Unexpected Returns at 2018. Well, In This Article We Will be Discussing that 5 Superstar Who Could Become Next Universal Champion in 2018.


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Well In 2017, WWE Universe Didn’t Get To See Some Major Changes in WWE Universal Champion as The The Beast Brock Lesnar is Holding The Gold Since Wrestlemania 2017 The Beast Brock Become The WWE Universal Champion in Wrestlemania 33 after a Grand Victory Against The Goldberg and Now It’s Like There is No Superstar Left On WWE Roster Who Can Beat The Beast and Take That Title From him but as Per Our Sources, The Big Dog Roman Reigns Will be The One To Snatch The Gold From Beast Shoulder and Become The New WWE Universal Champion and Most Probably It’s Going to Happen at Wrestlemania 34.

So, Wasting Not Anymore Of Your Time Let’s Explore The 5 Superstar Who Could Become Next Universal Champion in 2018

Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns has the Highest Probability of becoming The New Universal Champion in 2018 as he has been Rumored to Go One On One Against The beast at Wrestlemania 34 Even though On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed On The Big Dog as the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.  During the show, Meltzer also Stated That Roman Reigns Would Take On Samoa Joe at Royal Rumble PPV.

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According To Meltzer, WWE is all Set to Book a Match between The Beast and Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania for the WWE Universal Championship. Dave also stated that it is very unlikely that Reigns will go into the match as the WWE Intercontinental Champion. So, We Could Even See The Big Dog Winning The Royal Rumble 2018 and Battle The Beast at Wrestlemania to become The New Universal Champion at Grandest Event Of All Time Wrestlemania.


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