Vince McMahon Injury Update

Vince McMahon Made His Return To SmackDown Live, but he ended up leaving bloodied and beaten after Kevin Owens viciously attacked him.

In Case You Don’t Remember

Last Week , Shane Mcmahon Attacked Kevin Owens because of which Vince Mcmahon has to Suspend his Son and Announced that he will Address This Situation himself.

Vince McMahon Appeared  in Smackdown Live Today and Came to the Ring After Kevin Owens Called him Out and Vince warned him about what would happen if Owens went through with his lawsuit.Vince bragged about his record in the court room and ripped on Owens for getting beat up by Shane, then informed Owens he was reinstating his son. Vince announced Owens versus Shane inside Hell In A Cell, which Owens initially seemed to be fine with.However, Then Suddenly Kevin Owens Attacked Vince Brutually following the Headbutt.

Injury Update

As Per The Reports of WWE.COM has learned that, following the attack, Mr. McMahon did not give comment and refused to be looked at by medical staff.

Source: Wrestlezone

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