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What’s Next For Brock Lesnar? Who is Going to be the Next Challenger after Braun Strowman and Much more

Brock Lesnar Sucessfully defended his Title at WWE NO MERCY Against Braun Strowman and now WWE Universe Are Wondering What’s Next For The Beast and Who is Gonna Face The Beast Next for WWE Universal Championship?

Well , As Per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio  Brock Lesnar Next Opponent Will be Finn Balor However, Finn will have to finish off his feud with Bray Wyatt first.

Now Question Arises, When this Match Will Take Place ?

It is Most Probably Going To place at WWE Survior Series and Finn Will face Bray Wyatt at WWE TLC.

In Case You Don’t Remember , Finn Balor is the first WWE Universal Champion in the title’s short history. He won the championship at SummerSlam in 2016 but vacated it the next night on Raw due to a shoulder injury.

What’s Next? So, If Lesnar doesn’t Return at WWE Survior Series or No Mercy Then he Will Defend his Universal Champion at Royal Rumble Which will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 28th While Survior Series will take place in Houston, Texas on November 19th.

Finn himself said that he was going to go after his title, last night on RAW however , It Doesn’t look like that his fued With Bray Wyatt is Over Yet.

So It Will be Really Interesting to See a New Fued Between Demon and Beast But We have Wait for that For While Now.

What Are Your Thoughts About This Match Can Demon Retain his Title Again ? comment Below

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