WWE News : What’s Next for Great Khali?

Wht’s the Story?

Finally WWE Battleground is Over But one thing Very Unexpected happened and Leaves every WWE Universe in Shock With Return of Creator of Punjabi Prison The Great Khali.

Complete Coverage:

No  one Expected that Match will end like This if You Missed Battleground today have a look

As You can See, The Former Giant Return dominating against Randy Orton Not Allowing him to Climb The above the prison above and assits Jinder Mahal In his Victory.

What’s Next?

Just Few Minutes ago WWE added a conversation of Great Khali and WWE champ Jinder Mahal

In which They said

Am your WWE Champ Jinder Mahal and this is Great Khali who needs no Introduction.

Adding to that Great Khali said Congrats Jinder I will be there for you always you just need to call and Message whenever you will need  me? because you are India pride.

Weather it’s Aj Style Or John Cena I will be there For you.

Great Khali as he says that he will always be there for Jinder but will appear on call clearly sates that Great Khali has not made his in return as for Now he may not be present even on next Smackdown Show.

Author Take

This is not a Great Work by WWE Great Khali should have made a in ring return for Summerslam and Should have battled against Randy Orton. However , We will get more clear picture at Smackdown this Tuesday night and we may get answer about will there be another match again between Randy and Jinder? or Great khali has made his in Ring Return?

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