What’s Next For Jinder Mahal?

Jinder Mahal once again shocked the WWE Universe  after successfully defending his Title at WWE Summerslam 2k17  In Case You have that Awesome match watch it below.


Jinder Mahal had an Interview with Dasha Fuentes after retaining his title

Where she asked him Are You Comfortable with Singh Brothers Involved in Your Victory once again?

Jinder Mahal Answers I am Morden Day Maharaja and Defeated Randy Orton an International Icon The King Of Strong Style I crushed him In the MIddle of the ring am The Greatest WWE Champion.

Jinder Mahal Then says  Singh Brothers to Continue…

And He says Do You Know Who this man is He is the Morden Day Maharaja Singh brothers do what they do The Morden day Maharaja do all the work and ordered Dasha to Leave  


Although , We Didn’t expected Jinder Mahal To Retain his WWE title but as per reports of Sportskeeda 

Although Shinsuke Nakamura was favoured to beat Jinder Mahal and become WWE Champion. However, the opposite happened as Jinder retained. However, as we reported a little before the match, the odds had changed and Jinder was favoured to retain.

The reason behind this was because their feud is extending to Hell In A Cell, and Jinder is expected to hold the WWE title until then. Also, WWE seems to think that it’s too early for Nakamura to win the big prize.

What’s Next ?

Jinder Mahal Now have to Defend his title at WWE next PPV Hell in a Cell and Shinshuke Nakamura is Expected to Remain his #No 1 Challenger For Hell In a Cell.

Hell in a Cell is a monster Structure Like Punjabi Prison Now Question arises will Great Khali again Return and help him or Jinder Mahal Will defend his title all alone?






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