What’s Next For Jinder Mahal?Who is Going to become The Next No#1 Challenger For WWE Championship?

Jinder Mahal After a Tremendous Win Against Shinshuke Nakamura at Hell in a Cell Is Now  Supposed To Get a New No#1 Challenger For Next PPV.

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Jinder Mahal Won Against Shinshuke Nakamura For The Third Time and Most Probably This is The End Of their Rivary and Shinshuke Nakamura is NOW Supposed to be Out of WWE Championship Picture So,Now this  Bring us To a New Opponent For WWE Championship For Next PPV And Next PPV For Smackdown is Survivor Series and as per Our Sources Jinder Mahal is Not Going to Defend his Title at Survivor Series as he is Going To Take Part in Team Shane Vs Team Kevin Owens.Talking about this Match Jinder Mahal is Supposed to Remain in The Team of Kevin Owens Including Other Team Member Like SamI Zayn and Rusev and In Team Of Shane  there Can be Viper and Aj Styles but It is To be Noted that it is Still Unconfirmed Yet and There also Also Rumors that Jinder Mahal,Kevin,and Sami Zayn May be Drafted To Raw and We May See Team RAW VS Team Smackdown.So,Nothing Confirmed Yet.

So,Now Coming To Next Question Who Will be The Next Opponent For Jinder Mahal? As you know Now Jinder Mahal Will Defend his Title after Survivor Series So,Question Arises Who Will be Next Opponent For Jinder Mahal and as Per Our Reports Aj Styles Will be the Next Most Possible Opponent For Jinder Mahal In Case You Don’t Know,Mahal had one of the best matches of his SmackDown run with Styles on an episode of SmackDown Live,and the pairing would almost certainly make The Maharaja look better than ever as champion.

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Well It Will be Interesting To See Jinder Mahal VS Aj Styles But It is Not Yet Confirmed.There are also Rumors  that Jinder Mahal May Square Off Against Randy Orton or John Cena So,We Have To Wait Till Survivor Series To Get More Clear Picture Till Then Stay Tuned and Like Our Facebook Page For More Updates.

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