Possible Reasons:Why Did Kane Attacked Braun Strowman?


WWE TLC Is Over And We Got To See Two Great Matches Between Finn Balor VS AJ Styles and The Sheild and Kurt Angle Vs Miz,Bartourage,Kane and Braun Strowman.WWE Universe Got See A Very Shocking Twist In The Main Event When The Big Red Machine Betrayed and Attacked Braun Strowman.

In Case You Don’t Know:

Kane And Braun Strowman Were In Same Team With Miz And Bartourage To Take On Sheild But unfortunately During The Match The Big Red Machine Hit Braun Strowman With a Steel Chair Accidentally And Then After a While We Got To See a Huge Turning Point Of This Match When Kane Betrayed and ChockeSlam Braun Strowman Near The Cage following that big spot by pulling down a long pull string of chairs.However,Braun Strowman Got Back Up after The Attack and Stepped His Way Towards Big Red Machine but Miz and Bartourage United With Kane and helped Kane by Dumping Braun Strowman In The Truck and Ordering the attendant to compact him.

The Heart Of Matter Is:

This Was Really Shocking For WWE Universe Especially Kane Attacking Braun Strowman and WWE Universe Are Now Wondering Why Did Kane Attacked Braun Strowman?Well,As You Know After This News That Roman Reigns Will Not Take Part In TLC Was Really Heart Breaking For WWE Universe and WWE Team Had To Make Good Amount Changes In Their Script and To Make It Exciting They Added Kurt Angle.If Roman Reigns Would Been in The Sheild Team WWE Could Have Shown The Sheild Team as More Dominating.But After Roman Reigns Was Out of TLC The Sheild Was Not That Much Powerful and Therefore WWE Team Was Not Able Show The Sheild as A Dominant Team So,This May be a Possible Reason No.1 Why Kane Attacked Braun Strowman as WWE Already Had Plans To Make The Sheild Win This Match but As Sheild Team Was Not That Dominant So, WWE Team Had to Change Their Plans and Kane had To Attack The Monster So,That The Sheild Team Can Win.


Reason No.2 It May be Possible That We May See Braun Strowman Vs Kane At Survivor Series Because There Were Rumors that Kane Has Returned Just For Undertaker Loss But That Was Not Possible  as Roman Reigns didn’t Take Part In TLC.So, Undertake Return Doesn’t Make Any Sense Therefore,WWE May have Plans To Book Kane Vs Braun Strowman at Survivor Series or In Near Future.

Author Take:

This Was Really Shocking I Thought We Will See Any Former Superstar Return and Help The Sheild To Gain Victory but,Kane Attacking Braun Strowman Has Left Many Question Unanswered So,We Can Hope To Get More Clear Picture by Tomorrow As The Miz May Reveal The Reason On Why Did Kane Attacked Braun Strowman?

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