WWE News:Why Did Kane Return and Attacked Roman Reigns?


Last Night WWE RAW Was a Real Shock For WWE Fans When Kane Outta Nowhere Appeared and Attacked Roman Reigns and aligned himself with The Miz.Now WWE Universe Are Wondering Why Did Kane Return and Attacked Roman Reigns? Many Fans and Websites are Speculating That Kane has Returned To Take Revenge Of His Brother Loss at Wrestlemania 33.

In Case You Don’t Know

Undertaker Lost For Second Time at Wrestlemania After Beast Against Roman Reigns Now This Is Getting Viral At Social Media That Kane has Return To Take his Revenge Of his Brother Loss.

In the main event of Raw, Roman Reigns clashed with Braun Strowman inside a steel cage,The Match Was Really Getting exciting And Predicting The Winner Was Difficult Then Suddenly The Bar and the rest of The Shield interfered before being locked out of the arena by The Miz.

Kane then emerged inside the ring and demolished Roman Reigns, together with Braun Strowman.

Inside Reports:

Well This Was A Huge Suprise For Everyone No One Thought That Big Red Machine Will Return  Soon Before Wrestlemania.But Now Question Arises Why Did Kane Returned So Early?Well,As Per Mike Johnson from PWInsider Kane Return Is Temporary In Other Words We Won’t See Kane After TLC PPV. So,It Is Clear That Kane has Made his Return Just To Make WWE TLC Main Event More Interesting So,That None Of Us Can Predict What Will Happen at WWE TLC Main Event.

Authors Take:

Kane’s return was a huge surprise, especially as Glenn Jacobs is running for mayor,So It Is Not suprising That Kane Return Is Temporary.But Adding Kane To The TLC Main Event has Certainly Made This Match more Interesting.

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