WWE News: 5 Possible Opponents For John Cena For Wrestlemania 34

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Last Month, John Cena Was Issued a Challenge By Jinder Mahal For Wrestlemania 34 but It Seems Like WWE has Changed their Plans in their Match Card for Wrestlemania 34 as Last Week WWE Crowned a New WWE Champ Aj Styles at Manchester, England. As Per Rumors, WWE Replaced Jinder Mahal Because Smackdown Rating Was Running Low and WWE Jinder Mahal Experiment  Was a Complete Failure So, Now Question Arises Could Cena Get a New Opponent For Wrestlemania 34.So, Let’s Explore On Who Can be that 5 Possible Opponents For Cenation Leader at Wrestlemania 34.

1.The Undertaker

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It Looks WWE has Finally Considered This Match For Wrestlemania 34.It has Always been Rumored Since Wrestlemania 30 that We Will See a Dream Match Between The Deadman and The Cenation Leader at Grandest Event Of All Time that is Wrestlemania but Unfortunately this Match Still Remains a Dream Match, But this Year It Looks Like WWE has Finally Changed The Match Card From Jinder Mahal and Cena To The Deadman Vs John Cena.

At No Mercy, WWE Knew Booking a Match Between Cena and Reigns Will Boom Their Ratings So, They Did Exactly that WWE Also Know this fact Booking a Match Between Cena and The Deadman Will Blast Their Rating So, Yes We Could See this a High Demand Match At Wrestlemania 34.

2. Aj Styles

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WWE Former Champ Jinder Mahal Issued An Official WWE Championship Match Challenge To John Cena at Wrestlemania 34.So, there is a High Probability that If Jinder is Not able to Retain his Title before Wrestlemania than We Could See Aj Styles Vs John Cena.


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Aj Styles has Already Faced John Cena Multiple Times Even at Summerslam 2015, Aj Styles Vs Cena has Always been a Great Match and WWE Universe Just Love To See this Feud.

3.Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal Becomes the Most Obvious Opponent For John Cena If before Wrestlemania Jinder is able to Retain his Title Tan We Would See Cena Vs Jinder at Wrestlemania 34.

However, Jinder has Also Been Rumored to Retain his Title just After Survivor Series coz WWE wants Jinder Mahal to be Wearing The Gold heading into the India tour as he is set to be a marquee attraction…

So, Jinder has a Very High Probability To Become the 2 Times WWE Champ After Survivor Series and therefore We Could See Jinder Vs Cena at Wm 34.

4.Roman Reigns

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We have Already Seen this Match at No Mercy 2k17 and this was one of Greatest Match Ever I have Seen and As Reported WWE Ratings Went Quite high coz of this Match.

So, WWE Could Book book this Match again at Wrestlemania 34, If Deadman Vs Cena is Not Possible Again, However, This Match has a Very Low Probability as Reigns is Rumored to Square Off Against The Beast At Wrestlemania.

5.Randy Orton

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You Must be Saying Not Possible Right? But Sssssssssssh It’s Possible and Even has Very high Probability How?

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The Answer is Randy Orton is Rumored to Turn Heel At Survivor Series 2k17 And Cena has also been added to Smackdown Roster.So, the Possible Last Man Standing Could be Cena and Randy and Even Randy is Rumored to be the Villian for Smackdown  Loss Which Means he Will R.k.o The Last Man Standing that is Cena So, Which Could Lead the beginning of the Feud Between Cena and The Viper.So, there is high Probability as Per this Analysis and We Could See Cena Vs Randy at WWE Wrestlemania.

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