WWE News: 5 Possible Superstars Who Could Become The New WWE Champion in 2018


Well Well Well…So Here We are We are in a Brand New Year and WWE Gotta To be More Exciting, More Funs, More Thrill and More Shocking…

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Well, In This Article We Will Cover That 5 Possible Superstars Who Can become The Brand New WWE Champion in The brand New Year 2018, Currently, The Phenomenal Aj Styles is holding that Golden over his Shoulder.

In 2017,  We have Seen Many Two and Fro in WWE Smackdown Live For WWE Championship Title Firstly The Title Was Captured by John Cena and then he lost that in Elimination Chamber and The New Face Bray Wyatt Snatched that Gold and became The New WWE Champion then The Viper with his heel Turn became The WWE Champion at Wrestlemania and Shockingly Lost his Against The Morden Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal at Backlash.

Then Most Memorable Moment Take Place as Jinder Mahal Was All Scheduled To Face The Beast at WWE Survivor Series but Shane Mcmahon Outta Nowhere Announced a Championship Match between Aj Styles and Jinder Mahal, at Manchester, England Which Aj Styles Managed to Win and became The New WWE Champion.

Well, Now Without Wasting anymore Of Time Let’s Explore Who Can be That 5 Possible Superstars Who Could Become The New WWE Champion in 2018.

1.John Cena

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Last Month,  Former WWE Champ Jinder Mahal Issued An Official WWE Championship Match Challenge To John Cena For  Wrestlemania 34. So, there is a High Probability that If Jinder is Not able to Retain his Title before Wrestlemania than We Could See Aj Styles Vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 34 and It Seems Like The Morden Day is Now Out Of Title Picture as he has been added To United States Champion Match Card. So, If Cena Wins The Royal Rumble he is Most Likely to Face Aj Styles at the Grand Event of Wrestlemania and Yes, Cena Could Set a New Record of becoming 17 Times WWE Champion.


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