WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: July 24, 2017

Well ,Finally Battleground is Over but what the hell was that ?

Great Khali Return Smackdown is getting day by day more and more exciting yeah…

But Tomorrow is Monday Night Raw…and We as a WWE Fans are always Pumped up to see WWE.

In Case You Don’t Know

WWE may Booked Two  Great Matches for Tomorrow night.Last Week as we saw Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are Planning a Reunion of Shield but last week WWE GM Kurt Announced that there 2 on 3 Handicap Match and Another A battle for No#1 challenger WWE champion for Summerslam.

NO # 1 Challenger?

Braun Strowman last week returned to action in next to no time after being put through the wringer by Roman Reigns, but the question as to who will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship next still remains unanswered.

And it was Match For that only However after the Enterference by the Giant clearly states that he will throw his Name for No #1 Challenger.

Well, We will See tomorrow and may get clear answer as who is going to face Brock Lesnar.

2. Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins vs Miz and his Friends

Ambrose and Rollins may have no choice but to stand together

As Seth Rollins is continuously enterfering to Help his Former SEILD Member Which indicates a Sheild Reunion .We may hope to see Tomorrow a great Match Between these two Teams and may get answer will Dean Trust his Brother again and see a Reunion Between These Two Stars..

3. Kurt and Jordan Story?

What next for newly found son and doting father?

Kurt Angle shocked the WWE Universe when he announced that Jason Jordan, former member of American Alpha, was in fact, his long-lost son.

But now that the hoopla has died – everyone is excited to see how this revelation would affect Jason’s Carrer.


Authors take

I am Hope to  see Seild Reunion Match very soon Because that will be Best for Business as WWE Universe is going to love this…


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