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WWE Monday Night Raw Results | Winner | Matches & More

WWE Monday Night Raw Results | Winner | Matches & More

WWE Monday Night Raw Results | Winner | Matches & More: WWE Raw was Live from San Diego, California. and The Show begins with Raw GM in the Ring with Constable Baron Corbin. Constable has a problem with JOJO the ring announcer on how she introduced him and does until it’s correct. Angle asks Corbin shall we Start? Corbin nodded yes… Angle than talks about Paul Heyman Lengthy post on Facebook about Brock Lesnar’s status for his next championship match. Angle says he will guarantee… and The Roman Reigns music hits.

Micheal Cole then explains that Paul Heyman’s post regarding Brock Lesnar says he is done with Roman Reigns since he is a failed multiple time.

Reigns then enter the Ring and tell Angle, not to mind him but he just wants to hear the explanation in person.

Bobby Lashley Music Hits..

Bobby enters the ring and says he deserve as much as Reigns to hear the explanation. Lashley is in multi-person match besides Reigns had three years of chances against the beast and he has proved that he can’t do that job done.

Angle later added that there won’t be any multi-person match at extreme rules. There was a snag in the contractual agreement and Lesnar pulled out of the deal. The match is off the Table.

Lashley says Lesnar is tired of seeing of Roman’s face just like the people are. Lesnar would come back if had a real challenge and Lashley is that real Challenge.

Reigns say Lashley doesn’t have a match at Extreme Rules, then why don’t they just do it Right here Right now. Angles says they can have the one-on-one match at extreme rules which will take under advertisement…

The Revival music hits, and they come out, Scott says it’s a new week but the same story so, they Challenge Reigns and Lashley for the match, they agree and Corbin makes it official.

Commercial Break..

WWE Monday Night Raw Results | Winner | Matches & More

Given below is the list of Matches, Results, Winners for 25 June 2018.

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WWE Raw 25 June Best Moments:

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