WWE News: AJ Styles reveals his Wrestlemania Opponent

What’s The Story?

Well Great News for fans and in especially Good News For AJ Styles Fans. In a recent appearance on Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness, the current US Champion revealed that he wants to rekindle his rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura, ideally at Wrestlemania.

And not only that, but he’s even broached the subject with WWE officials, reiterating how important the feud is

In case you didn’t know…

Both of these Top Superstars Had a History Together In Pro Wrestling Japan.

Both Aj Style and Shinsuke are Loved By WWE Fans Their ties to Bullet Club and CHAOS saw them square off in a handful of tag team matches, but it was their one-on-one meeting from Wrestle Kingdom 9 which really stole the headlines, and was undoubtedly better than anything WWE has put on since.

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Both Aj Styles and Shinsuke are Busy For WWE title fued Right now.

AJ Styles Is Busy with Kevin Owens for United States Championship and At Summerslam they are again Going to Have a Fued For United States Championship Which may probably the last Match Between Them.

And Shinsuke is Busy With WWE Championship and most probably take on in triple Threat Match at Summerslam Against Jinder and John.

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Probability of Match

AJ Styles Wants This Match To Happen For a Long Run.

According to SportsKeeda

For the time being, both guys seem to have their hands full—Styles with Kevin Owens and the US Championship, and Nakamura with the prospect of becoming number one contender for the WWE title—so this one may have to wait until after SummerSlam.

But that still leaves heaps of time with which to give this one the kind of build Styles was alluding to on the podcast. Expect to see a few more teases, perhaps leading to some kind of stand-off in one of the traditional elimination matches at this year’s Survivor Series show.

Author’s Take

WWE Universe would Love to See Match Between This Two Great Superstars. WWE Definately should take this decision Very Soon and Make this Show Stealing Match with a Great Script.



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