WWE News : Baron Corbin Is not the first superstar who has Failed in MITB Cash in

Baron Corbin’s Money in the Bank contract guaranteed him a WWE Championship match at any time. Unfortunately for him, he chose to cash in tonight and Failed to Win against Jinder Mahal.

In Case You Have Missed it Watch It Here…

Well Coming Back To Our Story Baron Corbin Is not The First Superstar to Loose in the MITB cash in There are two other Superstars in History who has  lost in their Money in Bank Cash in and they are..


NO.1 John Cena

Every wrestler who cashed in the briefcase won a world title from 2005 to 2012 but Cena lost his Cashes his MITB and Breifcase against CM Punk via disqualification at Raw 1000 episode.

No.2 Damien Sandow 


The next unsuccessful attempt would occur in 28 October ,2013 when Damien Sandow failed to defeat Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw.

No.3 Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin Becomes the third Superstar Who Lost in their Money in Bank Cash in

According to RealSport101

If Cena does end up beating Corbin, I’m afraid that any credibility that Corbin could have as a monster heel will be gone. Why would you be scared of Corbin if not only did he fail to defeat Jinder Mahal who had just taken Cena’s strongest offence but he failed to get his revenge afterwards? What. A. Chump.

Potentially not being able to build up Corbin into the character he could be is not only a bummer for Corbin but a huge loss for WWE as a whole. The character I pitched above is an excellent tool for telling compelling stories and building up babyfaces.

The ability to build an underdog babyface is something Smackdown Live needs with people like Sami Zayn, Chad Gable and Tye Dillenger on the roster. It feels like a classic oversight in booking with WWE not looking far enough ahead.



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