WWE News: Paul Heyman addresses the reasons why CM Punk left the WWE


Well,Paul Heyman and Jim Ross held a show at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York on August 18th, taking questions from fans and telling stories about their time in the company back during the attitude era.

Heyman and JR were asked many Questions but One fan, however, took the opportunity to ask the advocate about CM Punk, and Heyman Replied

What do I think of him walking out? He wasn’t happy anymore and if you know what drives Phil Brooks more than anything is that he’s an overachiever. So there came a time where he didn’t have that passion anymore for WWE and when you get to that point you have two options. You can stay and be miserable or you get out and you chase something else that really entices your passion, so he got out.

Heyman would go on to say that all he wishes for his friend is to find happiness, wherever it may be. If that’s the world of MMA, so be it.

“Now he’s pursuing something that makes him happy. Whether it makes me happy or you happy or the rest of the world happy , it doesn’t really matter. It makes him happy. At the end of the day it’s a decision that he made on his own behalf and if that’s what he wants then god-bless him, I hope he finds happiness in it.

CM Punk’s years in the WWE were full of controversy. Starting as early as his run as the leader of the Straight Edge Society, Punk was never afraid to go the extra mile in blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

He was someone who told the fans the truth night in and night out, and they ate it up. However, he never got the full backing of the WWE Universe until his career-defining moment, the pipe bomb.

Punk would leave the WWE, sighting multiple reasons for his departure. On the Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” Podcast, he let the world know just how angry he was with the WWE, and it seemed his pipe bomb promo three years prior had a lot of truth to it.

Source : Sportskeeda

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