WWE News: Paul Heyman Comments On Brock Lesnar UFC Return and Will he Advocate For Ronda Rousey?


WWE Universal Champion (Brock Lesnar) has Few Days Left With WWE as his Contract With WWE is Coming To an End Following Wrestlemania 34. As Per Recent Rumors, Brock Lesnar Could be Returning To UFC and WWE Fans are Wondering What Will be The New Role Of The Beast Mouthpiece? However, TMZ  Sports Recently Caught up with Paul Heyman and Asked him About The Brock Lesnar Possibly Returning To UFC After he done With WWE On Which Paul Heyman Said:

“I think Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do. If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in UFC, Brock Lesnar will fight in UFC. If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in WWE, he will fight in WWE,” Heyman answered. “Ask Braun Strowman, ask Randy Orton, ask The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.”

Heyman Also Said ” The Time Away From UFC is Actually an Advantage To The Beast as It Gives him Time To Heal

“The time away From UFC actually makes him better because his body gets a chance to heal,” Heyman noted that a lot of fighters are wearing their bodies down in training camps and during weight cuts. He added, “Brock Lesnar is probably the healthiest fighter to enter UFC if he decides to do that.”

TMZ Sports Next Questioned him About Representing as The Advocate For Ronda Rousey?

Paul Heyman Answered “Why to limit people that I have my eye on to Ronda Rousey. I have my eye on anyone who’s a top box office attraction, Heyman said. “I have my eye on Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks, I have my eyes on Aaron Judge & Luis Severino of the New York Yankees.”


As Can be Seen Above, Heyman Also Took Twitter and Responded To TMZ Sports Interview and Quoted “Brock Lesnar Is Primed for UFC Comeback, Says WWE Manager Paul Heyman.”



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