WWE News: What happened after SmackDown Live went off the air and a Huge Announcement By WWE For Next Week Smackdown Live

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  • There Was Great Show after the end of 205 Live in Glendale, Arizona, as the ‘main event’ dark match featured a couple of interesting tag teams.

Randy Orton and Bobby Roode teamed up to face “The Bulgarian Brute”, Rusev, and “The Showoff”, Dolph Ziggler.

This Certainly was An Interesting Tag Teams as The Viper and Bobby Roode faced their Hell In a Cell Opponents as reported by Wrestling Inc The Viper hits a RKO to The Bulgarian Brute and gets a Heroic Win.

  • WWE  announced on tonight’s SmackDown that Tyler Breeze and Fandango Will Bring Back The Fashion Files Next Week.


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