WWE NEWS:Finn Balor Comments On Universal Title Match Against Brock Lesnar

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Recently In An Interview With Metro Sport Finn Balor Was Asked About Potential future matches with Brock Lesnar and Conor McGregor.On Which Finn Balor Said WWE Universe Will Get to See Great Matches In Future But,Personally For Me Finn Balor Vs Brock Lesnar Will be an Epic Match and That Can Happen Right Now.Continuing,He Said If This Match Takes Place This Will be Completely Different Match Because  The In Ring Style Of Me and Brock Lesnar Is Completely Different.

Here Are Exact Words Said by Finn Balor When He Was Asked About Brock Lesnar:

You never lost the Universal Championship after being forced to give it up due to injury. How much of an ambition is it for you to wrestle for it again, especially against current champion Brock Lesnar?

Listen, I don’t shy away from a fight for one second and I would absolutely love to be in there with Brock Lesnar. I would love to get in there with The Undertaker and Triple H too, these are guys that have been active at the top of the game for the last 20 years. They’re the type of guys I want to be in the ring with. We talk about stepping up and taking things to the next level, and I think that’s what I need to do next. Once I handle Bray Wyatt, I need to be going after the Universal Championship which I was never beaten for. Yes, Brock Lesnar is the current champion, but make sure you don’t forget that I relinquished the title due to injury, I was never beaten, and I definitely think that I deserve a title shot.

From an artistic perspective, how do you think a match with Brock would be? For me as a fan growing up I loved David vs Goliath style matches. Right now, there’s a lot of interesting matches that could happen in WWE right now, but for me personally I think that Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar is the most interesting match from a fans perspective that can happen right now. It’s something that has never happened before, with completely different styles inside and out of the ring. This could be a really big spectacle

In Case You Don’t Know:

Finn Balor Was The First Universal Champion he Won This Title against Seth Rollins at Summerslam 2016,But Unfortunately Had To Relinquish his Title Due To Shoulder Injury.And,Then Finn Balor Returned To WWE RAW Just After Wrestlemania 2016.However,Till Then Finn has Not got his Rematch For The Title He Never Lost.But,Now We are Hearing Rumors That We May See Finn Balor Vs Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series.

Author Take

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It is Still Not Confirmed That Wheather We Will See Jinder Vs Brock at Survivor Series Or Finn Balor Vs Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.But As Per Our Analysis and Resources We may See Finn Vs Brock at WWE Royal Rumble and To Make Survivor Series More Interesting Jinder Vs Brock Can be Fixed.So,We Have To Wait Till TLC To Get  More Clear Picture.

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