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WWE News:Paul Heyman admits Braun Strowman came close to beating Brock Lesnar

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WWE Universe Got To See One Of The Greatest Match of this Era Between The Beast and The Monster.The Beast however Was able to Retain his Title at WWE No Mercy.

Paul Heyman In an Interview was Asked Paul During The Match You Look So Concerned on Your Face How Close was it Going to Braun Strowman’s Way ?

Paul Heyman Says This is Closest I have Ever Seen in Brock Lesnar’s Entire Career, Now ┬áBrock Lesnar Respects No Man he Doesn’t Respect Even me but tolerates me But Must Say I Respect’s Braun Strowman I Respect his Size , his Strenght ,His Ability ,His Talent and One day Braun Strowman Will definitely be a Champion here in WWE I hope he Goes To Smackdown and Take on Jinder Mahal because i don’t Wanna See Braun Strowman in any other side in Ring Again.

However, What I have been Saying Is that there is no Man or Animal who Can The Beat The beast he is the greatest.

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