WWE News: Why Did Triple H Attack Jason Jordon?

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Whats The Story?

This Week On Monday Night Raw WWE Raw Commissioner Stephnie McMahon Returned To Address The Weakest Link Of The Team Raw Jason Jordon, and Gave Kurt Angle the Last Chance To Change his Decision and Find a Better Team Member For Team RAW Who Could disseminate Team Smackdown.

Later That Night Kurt Angle announced his plans to bring Team RAW together, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor teamed-up together, Braun Strowman faced Kane in the main event and Jason Jordan was given a last chance Prove Himself Against Bray Wyatt.

During The Match Jason Jordon Seems To Pick a Leg Injury, But However Was Able To Pick Triumph Over The New Face Of Fear Bray Wyatt.AAfter The Match, Bray Wyatt Attacked Jason Much More After the Match Was over focussing on the leg injury, exacerbating it.

Later That Night Kurt Angle Made his Way To Ring To Announce his Son Injury and his Replacement For Raw Roster.Jordan then made his way slowly out to the ring, pleading his father not to Replace him from the team and Promised to be Fine by Monday and Can’t-Miss The opportunity to wrestle at Survivor Series, one of the ‘Big Four’ PPVs, against some of the best in the world, alongside his father.

Stephnie McMahon Interrupted Outta Nowhere Quoting”Oh Please Give Me a Break” and Pressurised Kurt To Announce The Replacement Right now, however, the Kurt Filled With Emotion couldn’t bring himself to do it so ‘The Game’ Triple H made his way down to the ring and told Angle that if he couldn’t make the announcement, he would do it himself and Said The Man Who Will be Replacing Jason Jordon Will be Me and Attacked(Pedigree) Jason Jordon.

Why Did Triple H Attack Jason Jordon?

There are Certain Rumors That Says That Triple H has Just Return To Boost The Ratings but also Provides Some Indications about a Possible Wrestlemania Match Between The Game and ‘Olympic Gold Medalist’ Kurt Angle, However, As Per Bleacher Reports  Adding him to Survivor Series may plant the seeds for his destiny at WrestleMania 34 in April.

Because of everything he has accomplished and his general standing relative to the rest of the WWE roster, there are only a few wrestlers against whom Triple H could realistically meet at WrestleMania.

Angle is one of that select few, and he could potentially have a big reason for bad blood toward Triple H after Monday night. Win or lose on Sunday, Angle won’t take kindly to Triple H not only replacing his son but embarrassing him in the process.

Triple H may have inadvertently sealed his fate for The Showcase of the Immortals by involving himself in Angle’s business for Sunday night.



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