wwe planning a big suprise for you

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Story I  Talking about ??

wwe is becoming interesting and suprising returns in wwe exite us more and wwe universe is loving that.WWE is Planning a huge suprise for wwe in wrestlemania by giving you another rematch.


WELL you all wanna know what suprise AM i talking about  and whose Rematch am i Talking About hmm wasting not much of your time YES that superstar is None other than C.M .Punk .


In case you don’t you C.M punk is set to return WWE very soon and most probabaly he Can return before wrestlemania 34



WWE is planning another rematch for UNDERTAKER and hell yeah this time it can be C.M PUNK whose gonna face the UNDERTAKER.

well that’s not a bad idea wwe universe will love love this and we hope a great match forward.



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