WWE Raw 18 June 2018 Results, Winners, Ratings, Matches & More

WWE Raw 18 June 2018 Results, Winners, Ratings, Matches & More: WWE Raw is live from Michigan. The Show Kicks off with the HIGHLIGHTS from last night  Money in the Bank PPV between, Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax but Alexa Bliss attacked Rousey in between to Cause the Disqualification. Bliss than Cash in her Money in the Bank Contract and wins the gold from Nia Jax.

WWE Raw 18 June 2018 Results, Winners, Ratings, Matches & More

Alexa Bliss Coronation: Kurt Angle is in the Ring, The Ring is decorated with Red Carpet and table in Middle where both the Championship and Money the Bank Briefcase is resting. Angle is proud that both Championship and briefcase is won the Raw. Angle Than Introduces Alexa Bliss who is new Raw Divas Champion. Angle than presents her with the RAW Divas Championship, which she holds up. Angle says Nia Jax is not here as she is busy with Physical Therapy, She has demanded her Rematch Clause against Alexa Bliss at WWE PPV Extreme Rules.

Later, Bliss Says she showed Nia what a bully is as well as Rousey who is also a bully. She Shocked the Entire World when she Cashed in her Money in the Bank Successfully. There will be no more talk about the irresistible force or Baddest Women on the Planet. It’s all about her, The Goddess is all that Matters.

Ronda Rousey’s Music hits, and She makes her way to the ring in an aggressive mood. She removes her Jacket. Rousy gets in the Ring but Angles Steps in the front of her and holds her back. Bliss says I thought you too would be busy with physical Therapy with Nia Jax. Did she come up Show to show the bruises that She Left all over the body? or She is out here to learn a lesson. Later, Bliss Says, She Knows why is Ronda Rousey here Rousey Can’t Stand the Headlines last night weren’t about her. For Rousey, She is irrelevant. Bliss says “If you ever want a Championship opportunity, You better get in the back of the line, you Overhyped Rookie!”

Ronda then lost all her Control and Sidesteps Angle and Started punching Alexa Bliss. Angle pulls her off, So She takes him out with a judo toss. Rousey then beats Bliss with her Money in The Briefcase and beats the hell out Kurt Angle and Referees who tried to come her way. Rousey then finishes off in Style with power bombing Bliss through the Table. Rousey then Leaves the Ring and fans went Crazy With Yes Chant!!.

Backstage, Ronda Rousey is yelling at Kurt Angle and Says She doesn’t want to hear that WWE isn’t like UFC. Angle says No you didn’t get it. Angle apologises and Suspends her for Thirty days.

WWE Raw 18 June 2018 Results, Winners, Ratings, Matches & More

Rollins Music Hits and The Champ makes his way to the Ring Seth says it was great match last night. Seth Continued that he is Fighting Champ and is here every night. Rollins says how about an Intercontinental Championship open Challenge Match Right now Right here? and Dolph Ziggler Music hits he is with Drew McIntyre and decided to face Seth Himself.

WWE Raw First Match Takes Place between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler For Intercontinental Championship. Given Below is WWE Raw 18 June 2018 Results, Winners, Ratings, Matches & More.

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