WWE Raw preview, Sept. 4, 2017:Matches and Analysis

Big Show to battle Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage Match

The Beast might want to take Monster to Suplex City at WWE No Mercy on Sept. 24, but first, as first reported by Cathy Kelly  The Monster Among Men will climb into a steel cage with Big Show live on Raw.

Last Time When This Two  Monsters Collided  the juggernauts caused the ring to Collapse under their combined weight after a massive superplex by The Gift of Destruction and These Moster are Colliding Once again and We can hope to See a Brutal Match Between These two and Braun Strowman Would Love To Teach Some Lesson To Big Guy.

One can only hope that the structure is reinforced for what should be a brutal confrontation. Can Big Show end Strowman’s seemingly unstoppable rampage, or will The Monster Among Men send a grisly message to The Beast Incarnate, who will no doubt be paying close attention to the carnage?

Will Jeff Hardy become a five-time Intercontinental Champion on Raw?

By Tossing Jason Jordon Over The Top Rope Jeff Hardy Becomes The New NO #1 Challenger for Miz IC Championship and Jeff Is Really Excited To Face Miz and Becomes 5 Times IC  Champion.

Even though The A-Lister has The Miztourage on his side, Jeff’s brother will surely help neutralize Miz’s conniving co-stars outside the ring, perhaps making this match more of a fair fight than the current titleholder is used to these days.

And yet, Miz did score the winning pinfall when The Hardy Boyz teamed with Jason Jordan against The A-Lister and his Miztourage during the SummerSlam Kickoff, which was the last time The Awesome One stood across the ring from his new challenger. Will history repeat itself on Raw, or will The Charismatic Enigma use his veteran savvy to claim the gold?

Can we expect more fireworks between John Cena and Roman Reigns?


Well Well This was one Heated Conversation between two Superstars Last Week Kurt Angle Officially Announced Their Match and During Contract Signing Their Contract Signing This Two Superstar Didn’t Missed any Chance to Insult Each Other.

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The Cenation Leader and The Big Dog were somewhat civil when they triumphantly teamed up against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson moments after their verbal joust, but something tells us the next time these two rivals see each other, they’ll trade more than just insults.

Nia Jax makes major Raw Women’s Championship statement

Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women’s Champion, but she definitely didn’t look like a winner when this past Monday’s broadcast drew to a close. As Nia Jax hoisted the triumphant “Goddess” onto her shoulder after her victory over Sasha Banks, Alexa’s imposing would-be ally sent the new titleholder crashing to the canvas, seizing the moment to hold Bliss’ new title above her own head.

How will Alexa deal with Nia on Raw? Moreover, how will The Boss bounce back after once again failing to retain the Raw Women’s Championship?

Source : WWE.Com

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