WWE Sheild Reunion Takes Place at WWE Locker Room

Image result for Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins meet in the locker room to close Raw, say no words

Finally Sheild Brother Reunites..

WWE RAW Began With Seth Rollins To Take On Monster But  Even After Trying Very Hard he Lost However , After The Match Was Over his Brother Dean Ambrose Walk Through Ring To Get his Revenge of Last Week On Braun Which he Failed Too…

Next up was, Roman Who Was Scheduled to Face The Miz For IC .The Big Dog took out the Miztourage before the opening bell even sounded and set himself up for an even playing field versus the IC champ.

But In Closing Moments of Match Something Really Strange Happened When Sheamus and Cesaro Outa Nowhere Attacked The Big Dog.The newly formed Bartourage would cap off their night with a triple powerbomb and Shield fist-pose over a beaten Reign and After A While in an Interview Miz Was Asked Two Weeks In a Row You Mocked The Sheild On Raw? On Which Miz Answered That Is Two In A Row That Guy On a Mat by Me ..Believe That!!!!

But The Most Crazy Part Of Today’s Raw Occurs Before The Final 60 Seconds of Raw was spent with all three members of The Shield in the same locker room, at the same time, staring at each other but without any words spoken.

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