3 Possible Ways WWE Survivor Series Tranditional( Raw Vs Smackdown) Match Could End

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WWE Survivor Series is Just 1 Day Away and Trust Me This Is Going to be One Of Greatest Event of All Time.Well, this Year WWE Survivor Series 2017 is Going to be Really A Bang Show as We Could get to See Some Greatest rivalries From Old Time Like Cena Vs Kurt and Randy Vs Triple h… These are Historic Rivalries Of All Time and Thanks To WWE Team For Making This Match So Delicious and So Awesome.

However, This Match Could Also bring Some Surprising Moments and Jaw-dropping Returns, Therefore, It Becomes Really Important For Us To Checkout What are The Possibilities On How WWE Team Could Bring the End To This Match?

So, Let’s Explore 3 Possible Ways WWE Survivor Series Traditional( Raw Vs Smackdown) Match Could End


1. Randy Orton R.K.O John Cena

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As Reported Earlier, Randy Orton has Already Said in an Interview That he is Sick Of being a babyface of WWE and Loves To Play The Bad Guy Role.Randy Orton is Rumored to Turn Heel At Survivor Series 2k17 And Cena has also been added to Smackdown Roster.So, the Possible Last Man Standing Could be Cena and Randy and Even Randy is Rumored to be the Villian for Smackdown  Loss Which Means he Will R.k.o The Last Man Standing that is Cena So, Which Could Lead the beginning of the Feud Between Cena and The Viper.

John Cena has Always been a Hero in Survivor Series Matches Remember in 2012 WWE Got To Witness The Nexus Vs Team Cena Where Cena Was The Main Hero for the Team Victory.John Cena Was Added by WWE Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane Mcmahon and Many Reports Say That Cena has been Added Just To boost Excitement for Survivor Series but There are Even Many Reports that Suggest Cena has been Added to Sell the Story Line For Wrestlemania So, there is high Probability as Per this Analysis and We Could See Cena Vs Randy at WWE Wrestlemania and To Sell the Wrestlemania Storyline We Could See Randy Orton Rko John Cena.

2. The Undertaker Return

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Well, You Must be Wondering That Why The Hell Will the Deadman Return In This Match Right? But, Yes The Deadman Can Gift Us Early The Christmas Suprise and Could Return to Survivor Series to Begin his Feud With The Cenation Leader.

Last Month We Reported that WWE has Planned To Book John Cena Vs The Deadman at Survivor Series but Unfortunately Due To Cena Busy Schedule This Match Was Rumored To be Cancelled, But it Seems WWE has Finally Considered This Match For Wrestlemania 34.It has Always been Rumored Since Wrestlemania 30 that We Will See a Dream Match Between The Deadman and The Cenation Leader at Grandest Event Of All Time that is Wrestlemania but Unfortunately this Match Still Remains a Dream Match, But this Year It Looks Like WWE Made Their Mind To Book a Feud Between Cena and The Deadman.

At No Mercy, WWE Knew Booking a Match Between Cena and Reigns Will Boom Their Ratings So, They Did Exactly that WWE Also Know this fact Booking a Match Between Cena and The Deadman Will Blast Their Rating So, Yes We Could See this a High Demand Match At Wrestlemania 34 and therefore at Survivor Series We Could See The Deadman Return.

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3. Kurt Angle Attacks Triple H

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This Week On Monday Night Raw Kurt Angle, Son, Jason Jordon Was Unexpectedly Replaced by Triple H and Was Also Attacked(Pedigree) by the Game In Front Of his Dad, Which Possibly Indicates About Kurt Turn Heel and Suggests The Possible Storyline For Wrestlemania Match.

Even As Per Bleacher Reports  Adding Triple H to Survivor Series may plant the seeds for his destiny at WrestleMania 34 in April.

Because of everything he has accomplished and his general standing relative to the rest of the WWE roster, there are only a few wrestlers against whom Triple H could realistically meet at WrestleMania.

Angle is one of that select few, and he could potentially have a big reason for bad blood toward Triple H after Monday night. Win or lose on Sunday, Angle won’t take kindly to Triple H not only replacing his son but embarrassing him in the process.

Triple H may have inadvertently sealed his fate for The Showcase of the Immortals by involving himself in Angle’s business for Sunday night.

So, We Could See a Possible Turn Heel of WWE Raw Gm Kurt Angle.

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